Cars With The Cheapest Insurance Rates

Cars With The Cheapest Insurance Rates 2021

Cars With The Cheapest Insurance Rates; Cars like Honda CR-V, Honda Odyssey, Chrysler Pacifica, and some are the cheapest cars to insure. Compared to the other most costly models, these cars can save you more than $1,000 early.
Most of the research explained that small or standard pick-up trucks, minivans, and small SUVs were the lowest-priced car to insure, whereas large Sedans had the most costly insurance costs.

Auto insurance generally varies for many reasons – imbibing high redress costs, low safety records, or sometimes a few features having anti-theft may cost more.

Cars with the Cheapest Insurance Rates

It was well-founded that, on average, among the 30 car Honda CR-V was the cheapest car to insure where auto coverage cost about $2,346, which is 22% less than the standard annual premiums among all over the vehicle. On the other hand, the CR – V’s insurance costs were $2,397 less annually than another expensive car to insure.

Cars With The Cheapest Rates
Type of Car vs Price of the Car

Here we’re going to show you our result of the research: source

Rank by insurance ratesType of VehicleName of CarCar’s PriceAnnual Insurance Rate
1Small SUVHonda CR-V$25,104$2,348
2MinivanChrysler Pacifica$21,998$2,418
3MinivanHonda Odyssey$26,393$2,459
4Standard Pick-up TruckFord F-Series$22,851$2,473
5Small SUVToyota RAV4$20,259$2,477
6Small SUVChevrolet Equinox$19,839$2,562
7Small Pick-up TruckChevrolet Colorado$17,818$2,564
8Standard Pick-up TruckToyota Tundra$29,922$2,579
9Small Pick-up TruckHonda Ridgeline$27,228$2,613
10Subcompact CarFord Fiesta$12,065$2,623
11MinivanDodge Grand Caravan$20,177$2,636
12Small Pick-up TruckGMC Canyon$24,448$2,636
13Small Pick-up TruckToyota Tacoma$22,751$2,672
14Small Pick-up TruckNissan Frontier$25,994$2,689
15MinivanKia Sedona$22,879$2,701
Cheapest Car Insurance

Average Car Insurance Rates by Car Value

From the above information, We can say, cars included values from $25,000 to $30,000 contain the cheapest auto insurance rates up to $2,709 annually on average, which was about 6% less than low-cost vehicles covering the range of $10,000 to $15,000.

Despite that, the highest expensive vehicles were worth more than $30,000 was the higher cost to insure.

Cars With The Cheapest Rates
Car Value vs Insurance Cost

Car Insurance Rates by Model

When people think of buying a car, the first thing they think of is its value. Secondly, they should think about insurance coverage. We followed up the most reasonable models to insure in the table below: source

Type of VehicleName of CarAnnual Insurance Rate
Small SUVHonda CR-V$2,346
MinivanChrysler Pacifica$2,416
Standard Pick-up TruckFord F-150$2,471
Small Pick-up TruckChevrolet Colorado$2,562
Subcompact CarsFord Fiesta$2,621
Station WagonHonda Fit$2,720
Compact CarChevrolet Cruze$2,841
Standard SUVChevrolet Tahoe$2,888
Large SedansChevrolet Impala$3,001
Midsize SedansToyota Camry$3,036
Lowest Vehicles Insure by Class

Which is the Cheapest Luxury Brand?

Before purchasing a vehicle, Americans think about a long list of car make and brands. Appealing is, our survey developed that particular vehicle brands tend to increase their value more than other brands. For instance, we saw like Honda or GMC car company tend to be inexpensive to insure than the luxurious brands like Tesla and others.

Brand of CarAverage Annual RateRank
Minimal Expensive Brand

Which is The Cheapest Car Type?

We commonly see that most of the largest and swiftest cars are the most expensive, but a matter of interest is that the normals size pick-up truck indeed proved to be inexpensive.

Type of carAverage annual rateRank
Small Pick-up Truck$2,6332
Small SUV$2,7003
Standard Pick-up Truck$2,8084
Station Wagon$3,0295
Midsize Sedan$3,1146
Compact Car$3,1207
Standard SUV$3,2508
Subcompact Car$3,5009
Large Sedan$3,51310
Cheapest Car Types

Factors that Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

There will be many factors that may affect your insurance rates. Sometimes it depends on your state, gender, age, your driving history, and type of your car, among others. Typically, those variables establish an efficient impact on your insurance rates. Driving record is another top issue to increase your insurance rates when you violate traffic rules you pay more like others who haven’t this case. Your credit story also put a part in your insurance rates.

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