Car Accident Deaths Per Year Worldwide

Car Accident Deaths Per Year |Death Rate

In this article, you will find car accident deaths per year worldwide. With the world’s overall economic development over these years, the Earth’s population is multiplying. This growing population uses transport rapidly. People use the bus, cars, taxis, motorbikes for daily transportation.

Over the years, motor vehicle numbers have increased immensely, but the roads didn’t improve, develop, or plan to take this massive traffic pressure. 

Car Accident Deaths Per Year Worldwide Rate

Every year in the US or worldwide, people suffer from uncertain events like road accidents or collisions. They create by unfit vehicles, drivers, weak traffic laws, or unplanned roads. These unexpected accidents cause the loss of friends and family or loved ones to death. Recently creating awareness about road accidents has become a social protest to affect society positively. 

Car Accident Deaths Per Year Stats

Car Accident Deaths Per Year
Car Accident Deaths Per Year
  • 100+ people die every day worldwide (Almost 1.5 million deaths) every year. 
  • Globally, a car crash has taken leading the 8th cause of death.
  • According to a US survey, Saturday is the deadliest weekend when a car crash happens the most. 
  • If we went back three years in 2017, there were almost 35,000 car crash fatalities. 
  • In 25-50% of car crash situations, drivers are not in their sound mind; stress-related issues distract them. 

Car accidents have been a big problem in populated countries, let’s learn some particular reasons for road accidents.  

According to The Safe Road Travel Association, 90 % of the car crashes took place in middle –income / developing countries.

Most developing countries are overpopulated and have almost half of the entire world’s vehicles on their roads. The people of these countries take fewer measures of safety and security while driving. So every 9 out of 10 people face fatality on their street. 

According to statistics, annually, 1.5 million people die in a car collision or fatality on the road. As the average data, approximately 3700 people face death each day in road accidents. This data collected from the worldwide car, bus, and truck crash reports.

01.One of the top reasons for death is car accidents globally. 

 The latest update from the WHO (world health organization) shows that road accidents are placed 8th as the reasons for human death.

More people are dying in car accidents worldwide than from AIDS, TB (Tuberculosis), and diarrhea. 

01.Young age deaths in road accidents

In most of the accidents, young people and children of the age face fatality. Every year, almost half a million road accident victims are under 25. These accidents have started being a menace.

02.Worldwide financial losses for road accidents

Estimates show that countries lose 2-3% of the GDP for road accidents. If you see the amount of cash loss, it would be almost $520 billion. The property damage, hospital cost, and compensations include in the loss. 

03.Taking small measures could reduce car accident fatality.  

More than 60% of young people don’t wear seat belts while driving and die in a car accident. For reducing accidents, the traffic law needs to be strict. 

USA Death Rates In Car Accident

In the last year, 2019, about 36,000 people died on US roads.

While the death numbers were increasing, people were also reported injured; there are almost 2.35 million people reported injured from road accidents. 

USA Car Accident loss per year

Last year, a safer road and travel agency survey said that $231 billion is spent on car accident victims every year. Per person, the amount is $820. Accidents are the leading cause of US citizen’s death, both at home and abroad.  

Death in a Car accident in Urban & Rural Areas of USA

A survey says every week Saturday is the most common day for an accident. Saturday midnight to 3 AM is a more specific time; almost 1015 accidents occur at this time. The other fatal time is 6 to 9 PM, in these 3 hrs. , nearly 1000 fatalities took place. If you look at the total, almost 6K car crashes on Saturday. 

Apart from that, 46% of car accidents happen in rural areas. North and South Dakota has 90% & 84% death rates in a car accident; Meanwhile, Massachusetts has only a 6% death record.

The rural areas are also much more dangerous in case of car collisions on the road. Montana has the highest death rate of 90% in a car collision. But Columbia district has a 0% car accident rate as an urban district. 

Leading Causes of Car Accident Death 

Unlicensed Drivers, Unfit Vehicles, and Weather are a crucial cause of accidents. 

According to a motor vehicle survey, three main factors contain the outcome of road accidents. Drivers, Vehicles, and environments. Reports on vehicle collision deaths using cell phones cause 85% of the collision death. Almost 500 thousand individuals talk on their phones while driving. 

Steps to Decrease Car Crash Deaths

01. Paying proper attention to the vehicle while driving

A driver should always take care of his vehicle while driving; being cautious can save a driver’s life. 

02. Keeping Distant From Fast Lane

Avoid any suspicion, keep a safe distance from the fast lane, and stick to the middle road. It will allow you to react to crucial situations quickly. 

03. Keep your Alertness High

Always take enough rest before happening an extended drive. So you can maintain a defensive mentality in your ride. 

04. Be Attentive in the Parking Lots  

Automobile accident death always matters according to the environment. While driving, car drivers must be cautious in every palace and the parking lots.  

05. Keep your sight on blind spots & Eliminate substances.

While driving a large vehicle, there are several blind spots of a driver. So make sure your rearview and side mirrors are correctly positioned. For extra precautions, you can install additional cameras and other devices for vehicle parking.  

Car collisions are also caused for substances like drugs, alcohol, and other prescribed or prohibited medicine, creating hallucinations and making you high. So try to drive when you are fit and sober. 

A car collision death doesn’t only take a life. It also changes the victim’s friends and family’s experiences as drivers think twice before driving recklessly. Drive safe, and keep a safe environment on the roads.  

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